Bathroom Carpets

We have a quality range of carpets created specifically for your bathroom. With waterproof backing and easy to clean, a bathroom carpet can be the long lasting solution you need.

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Buying Bathroom Carpets Online

Simply sink your toes into it before a shower or bath to make it just a little bit more luxurious. A carpet adds warmth to a room you visit on chilly mornings and last thing at night, but there’s also the safety factor. Bathrooms can become slippery when wet and this is one of the leading causes of accidents in the home. Bathroom carpets have a non-slip backing to reduce slipping under foot.

Whether it’s a bold burst of colour or something more neutral, we have an excellent selection of bathroom carpets to choose from. If you’re not sure which of our bathroom carpets is the perfect match for your home, just order a FREE sample online.

Although our carpets are suitable for bathroom use, it is advisable to use a complementary bathroom mat in the area of the room that’s likely to retain the most moisture. Would you like to know more about the suitability of any of carpets for you bathroom? Please call our FREE advice line on: 01455 890 003 or get in touch online.